Use our quick guide to determine if your home or transaction may have a city pre-sale inspection report required.



Los Angeles County

Building Application
(626) 812-5235
$54 - $173
All properties, including vacant land, but not on first sale. Buyer to acknowledge report, 6 months time limit. (Office Closed on Fridays) for more information please contact

Presale Inspection Report
(323) 588-6211
Not required on a refi. Please call for form

Beverly Hills
Smoke Detector & Water Conservation Plumbing Fixture Affidavit
(310) 285-1141
Buyer & Seller sign form. No inspection required.

City of Burbank Retrofit Upon Resale
Dept of Water/Power (818) 238-3700
Water Conservation only. No Inspection. Possible deposit needed, after credit check. Buyer & Seller to sign Certificate of Compliance. For more information see

Application for Residential Property Report
(310) 952-1766
$100-Condo $150-SFR
Residential only. Additional charge for multi unit properties. NOTE: BEGINNING JANUARY

For further Information, please call for form
Schedule an Inspection (310) 605-5509
Buyer acknowledgement of Residential Building Report required. Inspection required.
Residential Only

Pre-Inspection Report
(323) 773-5143
$255 (up to 5 units)
Form available at Building and Safety, payment and appointment will be made. Residential, commercial, and vacant land. Additional charges for more than 5 units.

Culver City
Report for Residential Building Records
(310) 253-5800
No inspection required. Required on residential & commercial properties only. Call for an application if needed. Turn-around time is 10 business days. Buyer to acknowledge

El Monte
Real Property Inspection Application
(626) 580-2050
Inspection required. 10day turn-around. Repairs to be completed prior to closing. If buyer assumes responsibility, min bond of $500 required.

Property Information Report or Waiver of Property Information Report
(310) 217-9530
$214 - $282
Exterior Inspection, interior inspection optional. Report turnaround time is 15days. Waiver available Buyer to sign and have notarized.

Hawaiian Gardens
Presale Inspection Request
(562) 420-2641 x 217
Inspection required for sale only. Residential and commercial properties. Needs to be acknowledged by party who is assuming responsibility for repairs.

Hermosa Beach
Application for Report of Residential Building Records
(310) 318-0235
Two week turn-around time. Required on Single Family and Condo, not Commercial.

Huntington Park
Application for Presale Records & Inspection Report
(323) 584-6271
Fees Vary
Inspection Required on Residential, not Commercial. Fees Vary; SFR $165, Multi-Unit $60 (per unit), Condo $60. Condo - Interior inspection only

For further Information, please call for form
(310) 412-5294
Exterior/Interior of Garage Inspection. Buyer/Seller to acknowledge once the report is completed. Call for Form.

Residential Property Report Application
(310) 325-7110
$122 per parcel*
*This does not include the cost of an interior building inspection. If requested by the property owner, the LA County DPW hourly rate shall apply.

Long Beach
For further information, please call or review website
(562) 570-6328
Varies $28 and UP
The Inspection and Resale Report is required for all properties in the Parking Impacted Area that has or should have a traditional garage (Map)

Los Angeles City
9A Report
(213) 485-2216
$70.20/per parcel
No inspection. Residential and vacant land. Need application form with original signatures by Seller (Buyer to sign if assuming responsibility.) Report can be ordered online (see link).
Los Angeles City Dept of Water & Power
Water Certificate
(213) 367-3526
$15 - $75 and up
Licensed plumber to certify low flow toilets and showerheads and sign Certificate of Compliance. Seller and Buyer sign. • The LA Certificate of Compliance can also be signed by a general Contractor, Certified Retrofitter or Agent/broker.

Pre-Sale Real Property
$230.44 Vacant Land - $250
Exterior Inspection only (Drive-By). Buyer/Seller to acknowledge (wet signatures required).
Call for an application. Bank owned properties are required to submit TDUS and POA. Real Estate Agent to have business license for Lynwood.

Septic Certification or Waste Water Operating Permit
Any Various Septic Company
Fees Vary Applies only to properties that have septic systems.

Manhattan Beach
Residential Property Records Report
(310) 802-5505
No Inspection required. Residential Only. Form found in city link under the Forms Section "Residential Building Report". Water Certificate is also needed

Pre-Sale Home Inspection
(323) 562-5727
Presale inspection required, Fees $110 per inspection, under the same roof. An additional $50 license fee is required for the inspecting agent. Contact (323) 562-5723

Palos Verdes Estates
Application for Real Property Records Report
(310) 378-0383
Inspection not required. 5 business day turn-around. If agent submits, he/she must be have a city business license.

Occupancy Inspection Program Application
(626) 744-4633
$139.05/per unit
Inspection required. 2-3 day turn around for report completion. Seller can assign responsibility for corrective work to buyer.

Redondo Beach
Application for Report of Residential Building Records
(310) 318-0636
Residential. If violation exists, inspection required. Buyer to acknowledge.

Rolling Hills Estates
Building Permit Disclosure and Inspection Ordinance.
(310) 377-1577 x104
$200 - $300
This report is at BUYERS option and expense

Rolling Hills
The Rolling Hills Community Association (RHCA) is the homeowner's association for all
properties in the City of Rolling Hills
(310) 544-6222
Fees Vary
Rolling Hills is it’s own city with no city report but there is an HOA with dues that are based on each property and act like property taxes. No Upfront Fee.

San Marino
Residential Compliance Certificate
(626) 300-0700
Residential only. Inspection fee separate. Apply in person, they will provide list of individuals or firms allowed to do inspection. Report cannot be waived. Buyer not required to acknowledge report. All violations must be corrected within 6 months. Takes 10 business days.

Santa Monica
Application for Report of Residential Building Records
(310) 458-8355
Inspections not required. Computer generated report. Report can be ordered online (see link). Cannot be waived. Buyer must acknowledge. Good for 6 months. Look for application form under “Forms – Public Records – Public Records Request”.

Santa Monica
Retrofit Upon Sale Online Application
(310) 458-8459
Fees Vary
Inspections are required if the building was constructed prior to 1994 and has not been issued a Certificate of Compliance for a previous sale

Signal Hill
Residence Inspection Program
(562) 989-7348
$170 - $565
1-4 Multiple Unit residential properties. Valid for 6 months. Buyer does not need to acknowledge. Must go to City to obtain application, 10:30-11:30 Monday-Friday.

South Gate
Pre-Sale Property Inspection Report Application
(323) 563-9500
Inspection required. Residential only or residential in mixed use units. Code violations to be corrected within a year by Seller or Buyer. Buyer to acknowledge. Report is good for one year.

Smoke Detector Certificate of Compliance
(310) 618-5910
No inspection required. Contractor to complete the Smoke Detector Certificate of Compliance West Hollywood
Gas Shut Off Valve Installation Program

Orange County

Laguna Beach
Real Property Report
(949) 497-0714
All properties, including commercial and vacant land. Realtor needs to have his City Business License to show. Takes 7 days.

Laguna Woods
HOA Documents
(949) 597-4219
Call for details
For HOA Information please call or visit website

Newport Beach
Building Report Information
(949) 644-3288
Single Family Reidence /Condo (1 unit) $165. Duplex $192. Over 2 units $11 per unit Residential properties only.

Riverside County

Cathedral City
Smoke Detector Inspection
(760) 770-8200
On-line inspection appointment only. Must be paid with credit/debit card at the time of scheduling. The realtor/seller will receive two forms

Palm Springs
Smoke Detector Inspection
(760) 323-8186
Single family residences; condominiums; duplexes; and mobile homes.

Water Service
(951) 943-4610
Single family residences; condominiums; duplexes; and mobile homes. Price increase as of 08/11/14.

San Diego County

San Diego
Water Conservation Verification Certificate
(619) 515-3500
Water Conservation Certificate (Certificate) verification system will identify which properties
already have a valid Certificate on file with the City of San Diego Water Department

San Francisco

San Francisco
Application for Report of Residential Building Record
(415) 558-6080
$160 as of February 28, 2015
Residential only. City does not inspect, but needs to get a licensed contractor to do so. Valid for one year. Buyer does not need to sign off. Each building needs its own application.
San Francisco
Bureau of Fire Prevention Permit Application (415) 558-3300 (Fire Dept) $330 + $344/year Residential only. Check if property contains stationary tank, if there is a cap on sidewalk or a generator for above ground or portables. Buyer must apply. There is a one time cost of $330 and a yearly tax license of $344, paid through Tax Collector. Fire Dept will inspect tanks yearly.
San Francisco
Certified Energy and Water Conservation Inspectors (415) 558-6220 Residential only. Energy Conservation required only once in lifetime of home and will be noted on the 3R report. The water conservation is required each time of transfer. Go to website to find City approved inspectors. Inspector normally charges flat fee for all inspections and filing fees.

Ventura County

Report of Building Records
(805) 385-7840
Residential and commercial. Buyer to acknowledge. Good for 6 months. Contact office directly
to receive form.

Port Hueneme
Residential & Commercial Building Records
(805) 986-6500
$47 Report fee. All other prices are losted on the application. Has option of report only or
report and inspection. Required for residential and commercial. Buyer can waive with signature

Thousand Oaks
Application for Report of Residential Building Records
(805) 449-2500
$65 - $245
Inspections required only if there are open permits, cost is then $245. No inspection cost is $65.
Good for 6 months.